for professionals

Benefits for professionals

Superlite products are purposely built for light weight mobility. It has nothing to do with the looks, but the capabilities it can do. These machines are used in all year, any terrain and any weather conditions. They are made for difficult terrains, deep snows and most of all pull heavy equipment or cargo with you. Easy, light and most of all full power to assist you with your task in hand.

Unit you need.

Operations that require fast deployment, easy to haul and easy to operate. Extreme cost effiency against any other similar products. Superlite gives you all those and more.

It will be available in your service vehicles, airplanes, boats, to any craft that requires easy to deploy vehicle. It will not get tired and will get the personel to right location in any conditions.

Superlite is not snowmobile nor ATV. It is both.

This unit eliminates of need for:

  • No need for trailer
  • No need for high operational costs
  • No need for high insurance costs
  • No need for large storage space

This unit can:

  • Store and haul easy
  • Can pull and haul heavy loads
  • Can work side by side with you in small or big house holds to large farms
  • It is the most cost effective transportation in any size operations

Snowlion for professionals

All weather, all season, and all terrain. This is truly a machine for any condition. Assemble it to ATV or Snowmobile. Your choice. Superlion uses same parts as a base product. All you have to choose is either track with skis or 4-wheels. They are all fitted with same quick pins.

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